What We Believe

At Sheridan Church of the Nazarene, we believe that each individual was created to Know God, to Find Freedom, to Discover Purpose so that they can Make A Difference.

We believe that when someone comes to Know God through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ that they are born into a new life, that is full of the promises, the peace and eternal salvation that can only be found through God.

We believe that after coming to Know God the next step for an individual is to Find Freedom. We believe that this is done through the Word of God and by being involved in small groups. Small groups provide a personal place for individuals to grow and find the accountability and encouragement that every person needs. Small groups include: Sunday School, Celebrate Recovery, Bible Studies and Fellowship Groups.

The third step is Discover Purpose. Each individual has been created with gifts, talents and abilities that God has given them to develop and use in their sphere of influence. We believe by digging in and discovering that purpose each person can begin to find true contentment by living out the purpose God has placed on their life.

Finally, we believe that each individual is called to Make A Difference. After coming to Know God, Finding Freedom and Discovering Purpose, we have the opportunity to Make A Difference in our community and in our world for the Kingdom.


As a part of the Nazarene denomination, we also hold firm to our Nazarene roots and beliefs. To find out more about the Nazarene beliefs and Articles of Faith, click here.