Sheridan Celebrate Recovery

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What is Celebrate Recovery?

Celebrate Recovery is a Christ Centered ministry where people can find God’s healing and strength to face and move beyond their hurts, habits, or hang ups. This ministry is for anyone struggling with past or current dysfunctions or compulsions, whether they are affecting their own life or the lives of those around them.

Celebrate Recovery is not centered on a specific habit or problem, but is rather an umbrella ministry that ministers to people facing a variety of life’s difficulties and struggles. We at Celebrate Recovery are a community of people working our way along the road to recovery, sharing our lives, experiences, hopes and fears with one another, and finding God’s grace and forgiveness in solving our problems.

The Celebrate Recovery Principles  (based on the Beautitudes and developed by John Baker and Rick Warren) and 12 Steps provide a path for Spiritual Growth and freedom from addictive, compulsive, and dysfunctional behaviors. This freedom creates peace, serenity, joy and a stronger relationship with God and with other people.

What to expect at Celebrate Recovery?

A typical Celebrate Recovery meeting includes:

  • Free Dinner

  • Large Group Meeting

  • Open Share Groups

  • Newcomers 101 (for your first week only)

  • CrossTalk Cafe

Participants are encouraged to invite their families and friends to the pre-meeting dinner if they so choose; the dinner is designed for a time of great fellowship and great food at affordable prices with other Celebrate Recovery participants.

The large group meeting is designed for the participant to set aside the busyness and stress of the outside world by entering into a time of prayer, praise and worship, and teaching or testimony as a way of getting in touch with the one and only Higher Power, Jesus Christ.

The open share small group meets immediately after the large group meeting and provides a place for the participant to connect with other Celebrate Recovery attendees. This is a safe place where participants can be in gender-specific groups and issue-specific groups.

Newcomers 101 is for first-time attendees and will help you better understand what Celebrate Recovery is all about as well as provide you the opportunity to ask questions or process your feelings in a safe environment before you make a commitment to a small group.

At Sheridan Celebrate Recovery, we also offer programs for children and teens. Celebration Place is the uplifting, hope-filled, children's companion to Celebrate Recovery. The Landing is Celebrate Recovery written for Middle School and High School students that help them deal with their hurts, hang-ups and habits.

When and Where?

Every Wednesday Night

Dinner at 6pm

Large Group begins at 6:30pm

Open Share Groups and Newcomers 101 begins at 7:30pm

Celebration Place opens at 6:30pm

The Landing dismisses from Large Group at 7pm